John Rego

John Rego is an illustrator and painter living in Jersey City, NJ. His work is evocative of 19th Century scientific illustration and pop-surrealism while bringing focus to the absurdities of the world. As a lover of the outdoors, Rego tends to fixate on the natural world and is hypnotized by the features of the land around him. He enjoys pushing these tiny characteristics into a surrealist, sometimes preposterous, domain. Rego’s meticulous attention to detail and accuracy in his art expresses his deep appreciation of nature. By masking problems facing nature in a relatively humorous way, Rego subtly attaches a deeper meaning to his paintings while delving into the nonsensical imagery in each piece. Born on an Olympic year, Rego once believed it was his destiny to become an Olympian, and he hopes to win 37 gold medals in the 2024 Olympics in synchronized swimming.