Wholesale Inquiries

Art & Fable sells primarily to gift shops, museum stores, bookstores, and puzzle shops.

If you are interested in adding Art & Fable Puzzles to your product line, we would love to talk to you.

Contact us at sales@artandfablepuzzlecompany.com, and one of our sales reps will be in touch!

A note about buying from us on Faire.com

Faire is a wonderful convenience for retailers and it can be a great option for our reps too.

If you buy on Faire already, it is imperative that you click the link here to place your first order with Art & Fable.

This is the link that connects our reps to your account. 

If you are not on Faire, you can order from us directly, or you can join Faire for the many benefits they offer!

After you place your first order (by clicking this link!) you will be able to shop on Faire for our puzzles just as you do for your other beautiful gift store items.

Our Sales Reps will earn a commission on every order you place.  Thank you for supporting them!

Meet Our Representatives

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