Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Velvet-Touch on all A&F puzzles? What does it actually feel like?

Velvet touch is on all of our puzzles. Although it is subtle, it creates a luxurious puzzle experience every time. The feel of the pieces has been described as buttery, or like fine suede. You will enjoy this feature not only for its tactile pleasure but because the velvet touch renders the art in such a beautiful way. The colors are richer and deeper, and the image is sharper, exposing the minute details seen only in the original art. And best of all, there is zero glare so you can puzzle all night long!

Can I glue or varnish my A&F puzzle?

Our recommended way to prepare your A&F puzzle for display is by taping the back of the puzzle with white duct tape. Good quality duct tape performs great because of its excellent adhesion. It is easy to use, and you will not be frustrated or disappointed with the process or the results! You can obtain tape at any craft store, or purchase what we recommended right on our Gifts & Accessories Shop Page.

Will an A&F puzzle fit on my puzzle board or table?

Our puzzle dimensions are as follows: 500-pc puzzle, 18.9 x 13 in. (48 x 34 cm); 750-pc puzzle, 16.1 x 22.4 in. (41 x 57 cm); 1000-pc puzzle, 18.9 x 26.7 in. (48 x 68 cm)

Are A&F puzzle pieces large, or considered easy-handling? What do the puzzle pieces look like?

Art & Fable Puzzle pieces are not large, easy-handling pieces. They are standard sized traditional European-Style pieces, meaning there are about 6 different standard shapes that fit together in a grid pattern. Ravensburger is an example of a company with European-Style puzzle pieces.

Can I get a replacement for a missing piece?

You sure can! Learn more about our Missing Piece Service by following the link in the footer. Once the service is ordered, you will be directed to send us a picture of the puzzle with the missing piece(s) along with other instructions. We will take it from there!

What comes in the A&F puzzle box?

Along with your puzzle pieces, every Art & Fable puzzle box includes three fabulous bonus items -- a high-quality frameable print of the artwork, our original box-top stand, and a resealable bag to store your pieces.

Does A&F ship internationally? Who are your International resellers?

Art & Fable puzzles are available for sale in many countries around the world, but we are happy to quote you a shipping cost if you send us your address and the puzzles you want shipped. For customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Europe, or the UK, click on the "International Shopping" link in the footer below to see where you can buy A&F puzzles in your country! Feel free to contact us at for more retailers near you!

What is the A&F return policy?

Did you make a mistake in your order, or just want to exchange it? We will do either within 14 days of your purchase. Ship your puzzle back to us with your Order Number clearly written on the outside of the shipping box. Email us at service before mailing the package back so we know to look out for it. If the puzzle is retuned in its original condition, we will refund your money right away. We do not refund you for the return shipping. Order a new puzzle at your convenience if you are exchanging it!

I have a retail shop and would love to sell A&F puzzles. What are the terms?

If you are interested in adding Art & Fable Puzzles to your product line, we would love to talk to you about it. Contact us at and we will get right back to you!

My puzzle arrived damaged, what do I do?

If your package arrived damaged, take pictures of the broken contents, and of the shipping box itself. If possible, include a picture of the shipping label on the box. Contact the customer service department for the shipping carrier to create your claim. Provide them with the tracking number and how much you paid for the items, including the shipping. We will also create a claim if you send your order number and the same pictures to us at

Does A&F offer gift wrapping?

We sure do! We have high quality wrapping paper available for all occasions. At checkout, you can choose to send the puzzle as a gift and add our wrapping paper service.

I'm interested in featuring Art & Fable in an article, or interviewing the founders. How do I get in touch?

Wonderful, we love to talk about Art & Fable! Please contact Marcia at

Where are A&F puzzles made?

Art & Fable Puzzles are made in Poland under strict European Union manufacturing, environmental, and labor laws. These laws are designed to protect the environment and workers, and they are often more restrictive than laws in the U.S. You can also be sure that the workers making Art & Fable Puzzles have good benefits, including health insurance, family leave, and generous vacation time!

In what way is A&F environmentally responsible?

Art & Fable Puzzles are manufactured in Europe following EU environmental protocol. The puzzles and boxes are made with cardboard containing recycled paper, reducing the use of virgin paper pulp. Art & Fable collects mountains of reusable packing materials from our community. We maintain barrels outside our business for individuals and businesses to conveniently access. We collect more than enough reusable packaging to ship our puzzles. If we run low, we pack with plain brown paper. We never purchase plastic or styrofoam packing materials, and we never will.

How does A&F choose the art for their puzzles?

If you are interested in submitting art to A&F, please look over our puzzles to see if your work fits with our brand. Art submissions should include a website or link where we can see a large range of your work. Submit this and a short bio (if not on the website) to