Scott Burdick

Scott Burdick began making art early in life while weathering extended hospital stays throughout his childhood. Perhaps it was this crucible that lends his mature work its undeniable incandescence. Burdick explores subjects that convey ephemeral beauty with such genuine exuberance it is difficult for the viewer not to feel lifted by engaging his work. Burdick is a studied realist painter, but his unabashed love for bright colors and thick application elevates his stylistic signature far from the bounds of well-worn realist territory. His approach readily changes based on his subject -sometimes opting to stop time in a perfect moment, sometimes absorbing that perfection at length only to paint around the subject itself in order to capture its true essence. Regardless of what Burdick paints, his optimism, and deep appreciation for all the little things that make life beautiful shine through to illuminate the spirit of the observer. Burdick lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with his wife and painting partner, Susan Lyon.