Marcia Durgin

Marcia Durgin is the inspiration behind Art & Fable Puzzle Company, but it is not the first business she has put her heart into.  In 1991 she and her husband opened a European-style bakery in Doylestown, PA. While Crossroads Bake Shop kept the town happy with fresh baguettes and croissants, she had more to do, and more to give back. Her imagination combined with her make-it-or-break-it attitude, and downright risk-taking spirit, drove her to make something new, something she always thought could be just a little better – and that was, of course, the jigsaw puzzle.  This business though had to do much more, it had to support charity, and license and promote living artists.  Durgin’s perseverance paid off, and her perfect puzzle brand became a reality. By 2019 the first Art & Fable Puzzles were on the shelves of gift stores, in museum shops, and soon after were sold worldwide.