Puzzle For Good

Charitable Giving

In addition to making great puzzles and supporting great artists, it is our mission to give back with every puzzle sold. Through your puzzle purchase, you are supporting the good works of a charitable organization.

Charities We Believe In!

Click on the Puzzle for Good tab on any Puzzle Shop-Page, to learn which organization a particular puzzle supports!

The Malala Fund, UNICEF, The Autism Society of America, Greenpeace, SEVA, Kids International Development Society (K.I.D.S.), The Ronald McDonald House of Knoxville, TN, Oceana, The Kennedy Krieger Institute of Baltimore, MD, The Public Domain Review, Smile Train, Tiny Miracles Pet Rescue of Chalfont, PA, Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Services, Habitat for Humanity, The Massachusetts Humane Society, The Trevor Project, Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund of the French Heritage Society, The Mockingbird Society, The Amazon Conservation Team ACT, The Global Fund for Women

Our Eco-Mission

Art & Fable jigsaw puzzles tread lightly on the earth.
  • We purposely designed Art & Fable boxes to be smaller than traditional puzzle boxes. Less material is needed to manufacture our puzzles, and much less energy is needed to ship them.
  • The Art & Fable puzzle and box are made from recycled paper board.
  • A resealable bag is included in every box, keeping damaging moisture away from your puzzle – preserving it for years to come!
  • To pack our puzzles, Art & Fable uses only brown kraft paper or we reuse packing materials collected from our community. We will never buy plastic or styrofoam packing material -you have our word on that!

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