Piece Replacement Policy

The dreaded missing puzzle piece!

We understand that during puzzle assembly pieces get lost, damaged, and even chewed up by our furry friends. And occasionally during the manufacturing process of paper puzzles, the machinery will damage or misplace pieces. We have all experienced this. Most of us who puzzle often keep a stash of found pieces, and of course, we hang onto these pieces because someday we will find out which puzzle they belong to!

More often than you might imagine, the cause of a missing piece is that it was thrown out with the original puzzle bag.  Always check the bag carefully before recycling it with your plastic bags.

There is a very simple 2-step process to order your replacement piece(s).


Order the replacement piece(s) by clicking here.

If you are sure your newly purchased puzzle was damaged in production, there is just a 50 cent charge for this service. Simply select “Defective Puzzle” in the drop-down list above to place your order.  Ordering your piece replacement is done on the honor system, so please, if it is possible that the piece was lost in your household, choose the $4.99 fee.  We thank you! 


Send a picture(s) to service@artandfablepuzzlecompany.com.

Examples of the photos we need are on the order page for this service.  Please look carefully at them.  Do not take the photos at an angle, take them shooting straight down at the puzzle.

Why the picture is so essential: Not all puzzles of the same title have the same cut pattern. A clear photo is needed to determine the cut pattern of your puzzle.


  1. Tell us the Grid Number of the missing piece(s). Starting from the top left corner of the puzzle, count over and then down. Ex: 15 over, 10 down.
  2. If you have any, we want to see your extra pieces, so please send a picture of these as well.



  1. Please be aware that the paper can shift between cuts.  This means your replacement piece may be a bit off from the one you are missing.
  2. Someone from our team will personally search a new puzzle box to find the pieces you are missing.  But if we no longer have this puzzle in stock, we will refund you for the service right away.  Please allow us 1-3 weeks to search for your piece(s). 
  3.  This is a service you are paying for.  If you find your pieces after we have located yours, we do not refund you for the service.  Therefore, we recommend you wait a few days before contacting us, as the pieces usually turn up in the darnedest of places!